Notza is an online store for marketing quality home textile products such as: bedding, blankets, towels, tablecloths and more.

“Notza” conveys a sense of serenity, luxury and an American shopping experience to customers.

The main target audience of the brand are young married women who are interested in quality home textiles. Notza is currently aimed at the Israeli audience, but in the future it intends to appeal to the American and international market.


Designing a Logo and a branding language that will convey the delicate but prestigious features of Notza to the target audience.
Notza Logo Mockup


As you can see, the logo has a feather when the feather spine is made up of a sewing needle that connects the logo to the world of textiles and fabrics.

The colors of the logo, beige and dark brown, create a combination that conveys a sense of calm and delicate luxury.

The straight and angular text font was also chosen to convey the brand’s sense of quality and delicacy.


Notza’s branding package includes business cards, a letter template, an envelope, a brand guide book, product tickets and more.

All of the above was designed according to Notza’s design language.

Notza Branding Mockup

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