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Logicode helps people understand whether programming speaks to them and helps them learn the actual profession, it is a gateway and further learning in the world of programming.
The website is intended for 22-38 year olds who are interested in specializing in programming or retraining but are afraid of the programming profession (technophobic).


Creating a branding language that conveys technology and code with a combination of simplicity and lightness
Logicode 3D Mockup


In the shape of a logo you can see 3D Tetris cubes shaped like the letters LC which will give a sense of lightness and simplicity to the brand.

The brand colors were chosen to suit the world of programming combined with the world of toys.

The logo font fits its square shape, but it’s also round and light.

All shapes, colors and fonts were chosen to create a sense of easy but professional learning.


Logicode website is built according to the design language of the brand, it is entirely responsive and suitable for use with any device and any display ratio.

On the website, anyone can learn programming easily by using the Python language. In the future, additional courses from the world of programming will be added to the website.

Logicode Digital Mockup
Logicode Branding Mockup

Branding package

The branding package designed especially for Logicode includes business cards, letter template, envelope, a brand guide book, advertisement templates and more.

All of the above were designed according to the Logicode design language.

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